See you at GenCon?

We don't precisely know what we'll be doing at GenCon this year...but we do know that we will be there. And it's going to be a BLAST!

Since we're not entirely sure...we thought it'd be fun to ask our resident TikTok personality, Hayden, to answer questions from the crowd. Most of the things he said are probably true.


@moonshotgamestore Come see us at #gencon2022 at the Moonshot booth (165). You can be in a TikTok video with Hayden! #NameThatGame #boardgames #gamestoreemployee #boardgamerecommendations #tabletopgaming #indianapolisindiana ♬ Arcade Game - Holly Murray


What we do know:

  1. We're in booth 165.
  2. We will have loads of best-selling and deep-cut games available.
  3. We'll do something with Magic. Maybe KKD? Maybe Rip & Ship? Maybe an actual Magician?
  4. We'll be hosting a handful of fun events at our Mass Ave store (1 mile away), which will be open 1pm-10pm+ Wednesday to Sunday.
  5. Hayden will be playing games in the booth. And shooting TikTok videos.
  6. We have a shuttle.
  7. We are HYPED!!!