Moonshot Games are stores in the northern Indianapolis region specializing in Board Games, Magic the Gathering (MTG), Pokémon, Kids Games, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Dice, Minis, and Paints. We are committed to bringing a variety of products, at great prices, with the best customer service around, to bring happiness and fun to tables all across our community.

     We firmly believe in the power of play and making memories with loved ones. There's a lot to discover and learn at our stores, and we have dedicated, knowledgeable staff ready to help you pick the next best thing. Whether it's for a game night, a birthday gift, or some quality time putting together a puzzle, there's something for everyone at our shops and we are committed to making sure you walk away happy with your purchase.

What's the name all about? What's a Moonshot?

     Google defines a "moonshot" as an extremely ambitious and innovative project. Like how mankind wanted to put a man on the moon, but there were a lot of hurdles in getting one there. It took a lot of big ideas to make that dream happen, and we learned an awful lot along the way. That's what starting these game stores means to us.

     Before we opened our first store, we were told that it would be impossible to sell board games here in Noblesville. That there was no market for them here. We dreamed big about how to make it happen. We hired rock-solid team members well-versed in board, trading card, and role playing games, and were determined to pay them a living wage. We've had to adapt in the midst of huge obstacles, learned, and grew to make our dream come true.

     Today, Moonshot Games represents more than just a handful of game stores. Ours is a place for people without a place. A safe spot to visit, play, laugh, and learn within a loving, supportive community. Yet this dream wouldn't have become reality without our customers, because it was too big to build by our will alone. It was Noblesville's dream too, and so we continue to serve our community with plenty more big ideas as we reach for the stars.