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Primer Anti Shine Matt Varnish

Primer Anti Shine Matt Varnish

The Army Painter

UNIQUE FORMULA - This anti-shine acrylic varnish spray has been tailored to remove the shine and glossy look of any models being dipped in Quickshade or painted with acrylic paints. Although giving a perfect matte finish, it retains the metallic shine from Plate Mail and all types of metallic acrylic paint
GIVES AN ELEGANT AND FINISHED LOOK - This matte coat varnish will make your miniatures look finished and vivid giving the necessary depth of lines and retouching the gloss of some protruding details, protecting them at the same time. The perfect acrylic paint sealer!
WILL NOT CRACK AND CHANGE COLORS - Unlike some types of dull coat that change colors, this acrylic mat spay preserves all colors. If applied properly, it will never crack
ACRYLIC, NONTOXIC - This Army Painter paint varnish is Acrylic-based, transparent matte and dries very quickly.
APPLICATION - Always let the Quickshade dry for minimum 48 hours before using the varnish. Apply it in a thin coat. Never spray in humid conditions and cold weather. Test on a model first before spraying the whole army.

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