Jenga: Disney Frozen

Jenga: Disney Frozen


Offers classic Jenga game play with a cool Frozen twist, as one or more players remove ice blocks, and then use them to build Elsa's ice palace.

In true Jenga fashion, players carefully remove and stack blocks, but this version of the game has a few additions. The ice wall must be set up with the color-coded blocks in a specific order. Players then roll a die to determine which color piece they need to remove. Instead of using their hands, players must use the snowflake wand to remove the blocks. After a block is removed, the player lifts the balcony, and stacks the block to build the palace on top of the ice wall. Players beware because if the balcony falls at any point during your turn, you are out! The first player to build the ice palace 10 blocks high, and then place the Elsa figure in the balcony, wins.

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