Giant Puzzle Stow & Go!

Giant Puzzle Stow & Go!

Ravensburger Puzzles

Ideal for taking unfinished puzzles with you, the Giant Puzzle Stow & Go from Ravensburger is an essential addition to your puzzle collection. This handy kit includes an inflatable tube, a felt mat, and three rubber bands. Start a puzzle, roll it up, and secure it for travel or later use.

Puzzle Stowing Kit for Unfinished Puzzles

This puzzle-stowing kit brings portability to puzzle making by giving you a way to securely store unfinished puzzles. Instead of leaving your in-progress puzzle out, you can use this handy kit to keep pieces organized and in place. With a mat measuring an ample 59 by 39 inches (L x W), the Giant Stow & Go lives up to its name. This extra-large mat fits puzzles with 1,000 to 3,000 pieces, so you can use it for larger puzzles that take longer to complete.

Designed for Travel

The Giant Stow & Go lets you go virtually anywhere with your favorite puzzle in tow. A felt mat for increased grip, the inflatable tube, and three rubber bands give you the flexibility to take puzzles wherever you travel. Take them on the road to grandma's house or check them on the plane so you and the kids can relax and work on a puzzle during vacation.

Everything You Need for Easy Storage

The kit comes with an inflatable tube, a mat, and three rubber bands, giving you everything you need to get started on a puzzle and store it whenever you want to stop. Simply begin putting together your puzzle on the felt mat. When you're ready to take a break or take the puzzle with you to a new location, roll both the mat and the puzzle up using the tube and secure it in place with the three rubber bands.

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