D&D: Three Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition


Straight from the world of Dungeons & Dragons

Step into The Yawning Portal Inn and push your luck, bringing the in-universe bidding game from D&D to life!

Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition is a card game of wagers and strategy that’s fast paced with beautiful dragon-themed card art. Fun to play on its own or add it to your Dungeons & Dragons campaign as an immersive, in-character tavern game. Each game is played with 80 cards – 70 Standard Dragon cards and 10 chosen from the 30 Mortal and Legendary Dragon cards. Use one of the suggested theme decks, or choose the 10 cards randomly to add endless replayability.

Players start with gold in their hoard, choose one card to play from their hand, then ante the amount of gold equal to the highest strength. Each player then plays a card from their hand in front of them, in turn order. Play continues for 3 rounds, then the player with the highest strength flight wins the gambit and all coins in the middle.

But there are other ways to win – even with a low card value, making a set of 3 cards of the same strength or color can net you extra coins from the stakes or the opportunity to draw more cards. More importantly, each card has a special ability which can trigger based on what card was just played by your opponent. These abilities can steal coins, remove cards from flights, etc.

Features all new Legendary Dragons, new Mortal cards, updated rules for integrating 5 characters and abilities, ability disks for tracking powers, and cardboard Gold & Platinum pieces

Wager Your Gold

Collect the largest hoard, represented by gold and platinum pieces from the world of Dungeons and Dragons, to win the game!

Make Strategic Decisions

Use your Legendary Dragon and Mortal cards wisely – these powerful cards can change the game entirely, and the right play may be the difference between victory and defeat.

Bring Your Campaign to Life

Does your Rogue with Sleight of Hand steal coins from the pot? Or does your Fighter Intimidate opponents into anteing up more gold? Play your character from your Dungeons and Dragons campaign (or pick an ability for fun) and a bit of immersion to the fun. Ability Disks are included to help you keep track.


  • 70 Standard Dragon Cards
  • 15 Mortal Cards
  • 15 Legendary Dragon Cards
  • 60 Cardboard Gold Pieces
  • 30 Cardboard Platinum Pieces
  • 6 Ability Disks for use combining three-dragon ante with Dungeons & Dragons
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • 1 Rulebook 
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