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D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments: Monsters Paint Set

The Army Painter

Nothing brings the Dungeons & Dragons world to life more than the creatures that inhabit it – and playing with painted miniatures, representing your mighty heroes or foul monster encounters, makes the adventure coming to life in front of you. This official D&D set of Marvellous Pigments will offer you a perfect palette to painting the many and varied monsters from the Monster Manual and it comes with an exclusive Owlbear miniature to get you started. The Army Painter Warpaints are a high quality acrylic paint range specifically designed for painting highly detailed miniatures. The paint has a creamy consistency and is extremely rich in pigment. It's 100% non-toxic and always delivers a perfect matte finish. The colour palette in this set has been carefully selected to represent the many creatures and monsters in the Dungeon & Dragons universe. The paint comes in 12ml dropper bottles, which enables you to administer the exact amounts of paint you need – and afterwards store them easily, so they do not dry out.

Colors include:

  • Beholder Purple
  • Purple Worm
  • Cambion Crimson
  • Troll Skin
  • Golbin Skin
  • Kobold Red
  • Feywild Emerald
  • Silver Dragon
  • Otyugh Brown
  • Owlbear Brown
  • Green Flame
  • Merfolk Turquoise
  • Dwarven Bronze
  • Fain Skin
  • Minotaur Hide
  • Grung Green
  • Underdark Indigo
  • Ki-Rin Gold
  • Skeleton Bone
  • Rust Monster
  • Zombie Flesh
  • Frost Blue
  • Flesh Wash
  • Ruddy Skin
  • Firenewt Orange
  • Dungeon Stone
  • Ghostly Blue
  • Shadow Wash
  • Rosy Skin
  • Pixiedust Pink
  • Lich Skin
  • Ethereal Blue
  • Brown Wash
  • Orc Skin
  • Gelatinous Blue
  • Glistening Blood
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