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Board Game Sleeves - Standard Tarot 70 x 120 mm

Board Game Sleeves - Standard Tarot 70 x 120 mm


BCW Board Game Sleeves are an acid-free, archival quality product that is designed to protect, store, and display your valuable collectible board game.

Use these protective sleeves on the following games:
A Fool's Fortune, Apotheca, Assassincon, Blood Bound, Blue Moon, Century: Spice Road, Citadels (2016 Edition), Compounded, Coup (Brazilian Variant), Dawn Of The Zeds (Third Edition), Dreamwell, Eight Epics, Elder Sign, Fate Of The Elder Gods, Generalship, Goblins Drool Fairies Rule!, Grifters, Hobbit Tales From The Green Dragon Inn, Imperial Harvest, Infiltration, Kashgar: Händler Der Seidenstraße, Lord Of The Rings: Confrontation, Love Letter Premium, Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares, Mansions Of Madness: Second Edition, Moonquake Escape, Mystic Vale, Onitama, Pandante, Pocket Madness, Power Play: Schemes & Skulduggery, Runebound (Third Edition), Sail To India (AEG Edition), Saloon Tycoon, Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game, Strife: Shadows And Steam, Tower Of London, V-Commandos, War Of The Ring
  • Strong welds make for durable sleeves
  • Sized for Tarot cards
  • Thick 4 mil polypropylene
  • Designed for game cards
  • up to 70mm x 120mm
  • 50 Sleeves per Pack
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