GenCon - Day 0

"I do love a locker room. It smells like potential."
- Ted Lasso

We start the day at 8am loading up the van with the essentials for our booth: shelves, banners, kiosks, a big screen TV, backdrops, carpets, office supplies, bags, and more.

As a local game store we don't do a lot of conventions so we don't have a "convention setup" like many publishers do. Last year I over-engineered our booth with too many this year we've decided to scale back and keep it simple. Our overall vision is to set up a premium LGS experience in our 10x20 booth space. We want it to look nice, have a deep bench of games and accessories, and showcase the things we do well.

GenCon is an opportunity for us to introduce Moonshot to folks from all over the world, and we have been working hard to ensure we optimize the opportunity.

We can enter the convention center at 4pm and have to be done by 8pm. So, today we'll be building shelves, assembling supports, and running through a checklist of items we'll need tomorrow.

While Josh, Amanda and I are building the booth...Matt and the warehouse team will be building transfers. One of the hardest parts of the strategy for an event like this is picking the right products to bring. We know that if a customer is looking for something, and if we have it in stock, and if we have it priced right, then, and only then, will they buy it. So our task is to ensure that we have as many of the "right products" as we can. Priced. Stickered. And ready for sale at the POS. More on this tomorrow.

For today, it's mostly lifting heavy items and making sure we have a strong foundation for success. It feels like dawn the day before battle. We're getting amped, but know there is a ton of work ahead.