Snom is an Water-Type in the TCG. The most recent appearance of Snom is in the Fusion Strike expansion in 2021. Snom consumes snow to form ice spikes to help disguises itself as an icicle. Snow will evolve into Frosmoth with friendship levels at night. Snom is number 872 out of the 900 Pokemon . The first Snom TCG was released 2019 (Japanese) and in 2020 (English) in the Sword & Shield series. Snom TCG is in 3 English expansions and 5 Japanese expansions (Bulbapedia). 

The Best Snom TCG Cards

Snom Fusion Strike

Fusion Strike Snom looks like he is spotted in the real world. That's because the illustration is actually a photograph of a Snom clay model in the real world. The artist behind is Yuka Morii who artwork definitely stands out to viewer. 

Snom Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield Snom introduces Snom perfectly as chopping away on abundance of snow. The artwork was done by Mina Nakai.

Snom Characteristics (Pokemon)

Category Worm
Abilities Shield Dust
Height 1' 00''
 Weight  8.4 lbs.
Gender Male, Female

Snom Stats (Bulbapedia)


Attack 25
Defense 35
Special Attack  45
Special Defense 30
Speed 20
Total 185 

Snom Fighting Demographics (Bulbapedia, Pokemon Game Info)

Best Offense Moves Struggle Bug, Bug Buzz
Best Defense Moves Struggle Bug, Bug Buzz
Most Damaged By Normal, Fighting, Poison, Bug, Ghost, Water, Electric, Psychic, Dragon, Dark, Fairy
Weakness Flying, Rock, Steel, Fire
Immunity None
Resistance Ground, Grass, Ice

Snom Evolution 

Snom Evolution

Snom TCG English Timeline


February 2020 - Sword & Shield Snom Sword & Shield  Sword & Shield TCG Logo Snom (63) - Common
February 2021 - Shining Fates

Snom 29 Shining Fates

Snom V033 Shining Fates

Shining Fates TCG Logo

Snom (29) - Common

Snom (SV033) - Shiny Holo Rare

November 2021 - Fusion Strick Snom (84) Fusion Strike Fusion Strike TCG Logo Snom (84) - Common

Moonshot Game Store 

Although Moonshot does not carry any specific Snom Products, Moonshot does carry the TCG expansion products that Snom is apart of. 

In Shinning Fates, there is a Elite Trainer Box, Pikachu V Box, V Tin Box, Premium Collection Box,  or Mad Party Pin Collection Box available for players to purchase.

In Fusion Strike, there is a Elite Trainer Box, Build & Battle Box, Build & Battle Stadium, Sleeved Booster Pack, Booster Box, and Booster Pack available for players to purchase.