Welcome to the wonderful world of roleplaying! Whether you are a veteran caster or a level one fighter, we have a place for you here at Moonshot. We love nothing more than seeing a group of adventurers (or scallywags) huddled around a table paralyzed at the sight of a dice rolling for a bit too long. 

Nevertheless, we here at moonshot want to make sure that everyone is playing safely, having fun, and using all of our locations, resources, and tables to the best of their ability! So we have come up with this handy chart of different ways you can play your favorite Tabletop Roll Playing Game at any of our Moonshot Locations!


Moonshot TTRPG Social Guidelines

1. Don’t yell or talk over other players: 

TTRPs are verbal games and often we get very excited about our next plan, or distraught at a terrible dice roll. Please respect the other players at the table by giving them time to speak and respect the other games around you that may require a bit more focus. 

2. Respect Your Table: 

Make sure you are agreeing to the social agreements set at your table, which means you should set some guidelines before you begin. “It’s what my character would do” is not an excuse that flies at every table. Take time before you start playing to learn what kind of game you are a part of and act accordingly. (Some games love a good backstab/doublecross. Just check first!)

3. #Reallifefirst: 

While TTRPGs are some of the most fun time playing a game that you will ever have, remember that it is first and foremost, a game. Sometimes bad things happen, or you engage a topic that makes some table members uncomfortable. Speak up early and often. The goal of the game is to have fun, which means everyone (including your game master) should be enjoying themselves. The other people around your table are more important than the game. Always keep that in mind first. 


Ways to Play

  • Free Play: 
    • If you are at any of our locations and see an empty table, feel free to plop down and enjoy a game! We love walk-ins and can help support pop-up games with a ton of accessories,  dice, minis and more! If you are planning a date in the future and want to make sure there is free space for you, feel free to give the location a call in advance and check to see if any big events are going on during your intended gametime. If not, have at it!
  • RPG Small Groups:
    • If you are a game master or a player who wants to make sure that your spot is reserved and take advantage of any of our amazing perks for registering in advance, you are welcome to join any of our RPG small groups! 
    • Pricing Guide:
      • $0: Moonshot Event. Hosted by Moonshot Games directly and coordinated with moonshot staff directly. 
      • $1: Moonshot Minimum. DM is charging nothing for the game. Moonshot requires a $1 hosting fee for room reservation and online hosting costs. 
      • $2 -10: DM is experienced, but looking to supplement their game with store provided minis and maps. Usually a sign of a DM pooling resources amongst the group to get the best supplies available. 
      • $11 - $25: Experienced DMs that are providing an incredible experience each and every game. Most are trained voice actors, have extensive collections of Minis and Maps and are looking to provide you with a memorable and powerful session
      • $25 and up: Professional DMs who make a living as dungeon masters and other artistic fields. Unparalleled action during the game and will often provide souvenirs from the game world to take home with you after. Artistic performers in their own right and can easily manage the creative, social, and physical aspects of the game at previously un-imagined levels of engagement. 
    • Players are welcome to browse our collection of public games that are looking for players and find one that fits their style of play. Prices vary by group and new groups are available all the time so make sure to check back regularly to see if any new adventures are waiting for you! You can also check for groups on our Discord and Facebook Groups!
    • If you are a game master interested in setting up a small group, simply fill out this quick online form HERE. 
    • You can make the group public or private and make sure you have a spot reserved for your groups to come and play every week. Some systems and games even come with store perks for registering in advance (D&D for example gets a 5% per player and 15% per DM discount on all D&D merchandise!) 
    • The minimum reservation price is $1 per person, but a Game Master is allowed to raise the price from there to help fund a more worthwhile game. Being a GM is a lot of work and if you seek to get paid for it, all of the proceeds of your game (excluding the $1 hosting fee) will go directly to you, the GM. 
  • Moonshot Hosted Games:
    • Every Month, Moonshot hosts several games at its different locations. These are usually 1-shot series that begin and end that day and allow for new players to get the hang of a new RPG. They are usually attended or even hosted by one of our Moonshot Employees who helps curate and facilitate a fantastic RPG experience!


Our list of Games for this month are as follows:
Moonshot Mass Ave: 

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions about how this process works or need to know if your particular rogue will fit into our style of play, please do not hesitate to reach out to contact us. You can call any of the locations directly, or contact our event coordination team at events@moonshotgamestore.com who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

We look forward to seeing you!

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