Moonshot Invitational - Modern Event July 10, 2021 - Top 8

Our second $1K Magic: the Gathering tournament took place on Saturday, July 10th. It was standing room only at our Mass Ave location for this event, and it was fun to see the metagame start to materialize after MH2's release.

Bob Culp finished with the first place prize with his mono-white Hammertime deck. Abraham Schnake finished second with Izzet Murktide and also qualified for our $10k event in November. Kodie Yost moved into third place in the point standings with his fourth place finish (for the 2nd straight event). For a full list of the current standings in the Moonshot Invitational Series, along with all players' current point totals, click here.

We're grateful to the Indiana Magic Community for making this series a success, and we're excited to announce that we're expanding the event to increase the prize pool and provide more opportunities to play. The next $1K event in the Moonshot Invitational will take place on July 24th and has been updated to AFR Limited. Registrations are now open.

The Moonshot Invitational Series consists of 17 $1K events from June through October that qualify players for a $10K tournament on November 6th. Full details here.

We hope to see you there!