Noibat Pokemon

Noibat is a Flying-Type and Dragon-Type Pokemon. Noibat have ultrasonic abilities that can stun opponents, communicate with others, and find food. Noibat evolve into Noiver at level 48. The first Noibat TCG was released in XY Trainer Kit in 2014. Since the release, Noibat has been in 7 English expansions, 9 Japanese expansions, and has 9 different Noibat TCG cards (Bulbapedia). 

Noibat Characteristics (Pokemon) 

Pokemon Number 714
Category Sound Wave
Abilities Frisk, Infiltrator
Height 1' 08''
Weight 17.6 lbs. 
Gender Male, Female

Noibat Stats (Bulbapedia)

HP 40
Attack 30
Defense 35
Special Attack 45
Special Defense 40
Speed 55
Total 245 

Noibat Fighting Characteristics (Bulbapedia, Pokemon Game Info) 

Best Offense Moves Wing Attack, Dragon Pulse
Best Defense Moves Wing Attack, Dragon Pulse
Damaged Most By Normal, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Electric, Psychic, Dark
Weakness Rock, Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Immunity Ground
Resistance  Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, Grass 

Noibat Evolution

Noibat Evolution