Located at 50 North 9th Street, in the historic Noblesville town square, Moonshot Games is the hub and showroom for all of our products. From kids games, puzzles, and strategy games, to Magic: the Gathering and Pokemon cards, Moonshot is proud to deliver wholesome fun to our community with a clean, family-friendly atmosphere.

     Young children will love Ruby's Corner - a play-space with games for all ages that are educational and engaging. Multiple tables are available for small-gatherings and head-to-head gaming. We also have drinks and water available and all are welcome to bring in food while they browse or play. Events are scheduled on most evenings that range from tournaments, free-for-all's, trivia nights, roleplaying adventures, and more!

     Our Noblesville location is perfect for a day on the town thanks to our amazing neighbors. An excellent array of high quality restaurants and boutiques in the heart of Hamilton county. Enjoy a satisfying meal or have a nice drink with friends, play Pokémon Go while touring the walkways, and stop by our store to sit, laugh, and play, or pick out an exciting thing for your next game night!

Important: For the safety of our customers during the pandemic, masks will be required at all times on premises and we will adhere to strict social distancing protocols until further notice. All tables are distanced 6 feet apart, and fiberglass dividers are on all tables. Events at this location will be limited to 16 participants at a time.




Hours of Operation:
Mon:  10 am - 8 pm
Tue:   10 am - 8 pm
Wed:  10 am - 8 pm
Thu:   10 am - 8 pm
Fri:     10 am - 10 pm+
Sat:    10 am - 8 pm
Sun:   10 am - 6 pm
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50 North 9th Street
Noblesville, IN 46060
(317) 662-2889