Litwick is a Ghost-Type and a Fire-Type Pokémon. Litwick is a bit of a trickster Pokemon. He is found to guiding people in the dark with his light, but what he is actually doin is absorbing their life energy which is the same energy needed for him to stay illuminating. Litwick evolves into Lampent which then evolves into Chandelure. The first Litwick TCG was released in 2011 (Japanese & English) in the Nobles Victories expansion. Since the released, Litwick has been in 11 English expansions, 17 Japanese expansion, and has 13 Litwick TCG cards (Bulbapedia, 2022).

 Most Expensive Litwick TCG Card: 

Litwick BW27 Black & White Promo

Litwick BW27 

Litwick Characteristics (Pokemon)

Pokemon Number 607
Category Candle
Abilities Flash Fire, Flame Body
Height 1' 00''
Weight 6.8 lbs
Gender Male, Female 

Litwick Stats (Bulbapedia)

HP 50
Attack 30
Defense 55
Special Attack 65
Special Defense 55
Speed 20
Total 275 

Litwick Fighting Demographics (Bulbapedia, Pokemon Game Info)

Best Offense Moves Ember, Flame Burst
Best Defense Moves Astonish, Flame Charge
Damaged Most By Flying, Electric, Psychic, Dragon
Weakness Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water, Dark
Immunity  Normal, Fighting 
Resistance  Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Fairy

Litwick Evolution 

Litwick Evolution

Litwick TCG English Timeline (Bulbapedia)

March 2011 - December 2013 Litwick BW27 BW black Star Promo Litwick (BW27) - Holo Rare
November 2011 - Noble Victories

Litwick (57) Noble victories

Litwick (58) Noble Victories

Noble Victories TCG Logo

Litwick (57) - Common







Litwick (58) - Common

February 2012 - Next Destinies Litwick 18 Next Destinies Next Destinies TCG Logo Litwick (18) - Common
February 2013 - Plasma Storm


Litwick 21 Plasma Storm

Plasma Storm TCG Logo

 Litwick (21) - Common

May 2013 - Plasma Freeze
Litwick 14 Plasma Freeze
Plasma Freeze TCG Logo

Litwick (14) - Common

November 2014 - Phantom Forces  Litwick 41 Phantom Forces Phantom Forces TCG Logo Litwick (41) - Common
August 2016 - Steam Siege Litwick 48 Steam Siege Steam Siege TCG Logo Litwick (48) - Common
May 2017 - Guardians Rising Litwick 11 Guardians Rising Guardians Rising TCG Logo Litwick (11) - Common
November 2018  Litwick 101 Lost Thunder Lost Thunder TCG Logo Litwick (101) - Lost Thunder
August 2019 - Unified Minds
Litwick 27 Unified Minds
Litwick (28) Unified Minds
Unified Minds TCG Logo

Litwick (27) - Common








Litwick (28) - Common

May 200 - Rebel Clash Litwick 31 Rebel Clash Rebel Clash TCG Logo Litwick 31 - Common