Hydreigon is a Dark-Type and Dragon-Type Pokemon. Hydregion has three heads, yet it is a singular being. Hydregion is a Pseudo-legendary Pokemon that is very malicious towards every being. The evolution starts with Denio to Zweilous to Hyregion. Hydregion is number 635 Pokemon out of the 900 Pokemon. The first Hydreigon TCG was released in 2011 (Japanese & English) in the Nobles Victories expansion. Since the debut, Hydreigon has been in 15 English expansions, 17 Japanese expansions, and has 12 Hydreigon TCG cards (Bulbapedia).

Hydreigon Characteristics (Pokemon)

Category Brutal
Abilities Levitate
Height 5' 11''
Weight 352.7 lbs
Gender  Male, Female

Hydregion Stats (Bulbapedia)

HP 92
Attack 105
Defense 90
Special Attack 125
Special Defense 90
Speed 98
Total  600

Hydregion Fighting Demographics (Bulbapedia, Pokemon Game Info)

Best Offense Move Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse
Best Defense Move Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse
Most Damaged By Normal, Flying, Poison, Rock, Steel
Weakness Fighting, Bug, Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Immunity Ground, Psychic
Resistance Ghost, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Dark

Hydreigon Evolution 

Hydreigon TCG English Timeline (Bulbapedia)

November 2011

Noble Victories 

Hydreigon 79 Noble Victories   Noble Victories TCG Logo Hydreigon (79) - Ultra Rare

February 2012

Next Destinies

Hydreigon 103 Next Destinies Next Destinies TCG Logo Hydreigon (103) - Secret Rare
August 2012 Dragons Exalted

Hydreigon 97 Dragons Exalted

Hydreigon 98 Dragons Exalted

Dragons Exalted TCG Logo

Hydreigon (97) - Holo Rare





Hydreigon (98) - Rare

May 2013 Plasma Freeze Hydreigon 78 Plasma Freeze Plasma Freeze TCG Logo Hydreigon Team Plasma (78) - Holo Rare

November 2014

Phantom Forces

Hydreigon 74 Phantom Forces Phantom Forces TCG Logo Hydreigon (74) - Holo Rare

May 2015 

Roaring Skies

Hydreigon Ex 62 Roaring Skies

Hydreigon EX Full Art 103 Roaring Skies

Roaring Skies TCG Logo

Hydreigon EX (62) - Ultra Rare





Hydreigon EX Full Art (103) - Ultra Rare

August 2016 

Steam Siege

Hydreigon 86 Steam Siege

Hydreigon BREAK 87 Steam Siege

Steam Siege TCG Logo

Hydreigon (86) - Holo Rare




Hydreigon BREAK (87) - Rare Break

November 2017 Crimson Invasion Hydreigon 62 Crimson Invasion Crimson Invasion TCG Logo Hydreigon (62) - Rare

September 2018 

Dragon Majesty

Hydreigon 33 Dragon Majesty Dragon Majesty TCG Logo Hydreigon (33) - Holo Rare

November 2019 

SWSH Black Star Promos

Hydreigon SWSH037 Prerelease Promo

Hyreigon SWSH037 Staff Prerelease Promo

Hydreigon C Lv. 61 SWSH138

SWSH Black Star Promos TCG Logo

Hydreigon Prerelease (SWSH037) - Darkness Ablaze Promo



Hydreigon Staff Prerelease (SWSH037) - Darkness Ablaze Promo



Hydreigon C Lv. 61 (SWSH138) - Celebrations Collector Chest Promo

August 2020 

Darkness Ablaze

Hydreigon 110 Darkness Ablaze Darkness Ablaze TCG Logo Hydreigon (110) - Rare

August 2021

Evolving Skies

Hydreigon SWSH07 Evolving Skies Evolving Skies TCG Logo Hydreigon (115) - Holo Rare