Goodra is a Dragon-Type Pokemon and a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon. Although Goodra are not good at following instructions, they are incredible kind and adorable Pokemon that love to hug. When Goodra is in it's home region, Hisui, Goodra has a regional form. Hisuian Goodra is a Steel-Type and Dragon-Type. The first Goodra TCG was released in 2014 (Japanese & English) in the Flashfire expansion. Since the debut, Goodra has been in 6 English expansions, 6 Japanese expansions, and has 7 different Goodra TCG cards (Bulbapedia). 

Goodra Characteristics (Pokemon)

Pokemon Number 707
Category Dragon
Abilities Hydration, Sap Sipper
Height 6' 07''
Weight 331.8 lbs.
Gender Male, Female 

Goodra Stats (Bulbapedia)

HP 90
Attack 100
Defense 70
Special Attack 110
Special Defense 150
Speed 80
Total 600 

Goodra Fighting Demographic (Bulbapedia, Pokemon Game Info)

Best Offense Move Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor
Best Defense Move Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor
Damaged Most By Normal, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Psychic, Dark 
Weakness Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Immunity None
Resistance Fire, Water, Grass, Electric

Goodra Evolution 

Goodra Evolution

Hisuian Goodra Evolution