Garchomp is a Dragon-Type and a Ground-Type Pokemon. Garchomp is able to fly and detect prey using it's horn-like appendages. This Pokemon dominates the sky and underground terrain. Evolution starts with Gible to Gabite to Garchomp, and has one Mega form. Garchomp is number 445 out of 900 Pokemon. The first TCG of  Garchomp was released in 2007 (Japanese & English) in the Mysterious Treasures expansions. Since the debut, Garchomp has been in 17 English expansions, 18 Japanese expansions, and has 18 Garchomp TCG cards

Garchomp Characteristics (Pokemon)

Category Mach
Abilities Sand Veil
Height 6' 03''
Weight 209.4 lbs.
Gender Male, Female

Garchomp Stats (Bulbapedia)

HP 108
Attack 130
Defense 95
Special Attack 80
Special Defense 85
Speed 102
Total 600 

Garchomp Fighting Demographics (Bulbapedia, Pokemon Game Info)

Best Offense Move Dragon Tail, Outrage
Best Defense Move Dragon Tail, Outrage
Most Damaged By Normal, Fighting, Flying, Ground, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Water, Grass, Psychic, Dark
Weakness Ice, Dragon, Fairy
Immunity Electric
Resistance Poison, Rock, Fire 

Garchomp Evolution 


Garchomp Evolution
Mega Form 
Mega Garchomp