Bulbasaur TCG
Bulbasaur is a Grass Type in the Pokémon TCG, and is known as one of the three Starter Pokémon. The most recent appearance of Bulbasaur is in the SM Black Start Promo release. The bulb on the back can store and provide energy through photosynthesis. Bulbasaur are very loyal Pokémon even after periods of abandonment. Bulbasaur is number 1 out of 900 Pokémon. The first Bulbasaur was released in the Base Set expansion released in 1996 (Japanese) and in 1999 (English). Since the Base Set, Bulbasaur is in 16 English expansion sets, 21 Japanese expansion sets, and has 21 different TCG cards (Bulbapedia).

The Most Expensive Bulbasaur Pokémon

Bulbasaur Build A Bear Workshop Exclusive
Bulbasaur Build A Baer Workshop Exclusive TCG card was released in the Build-A-Bear Workshop Pokemon Collection. The Build-A-Bear Workshop Pokemon Collection was released in 2015, and the Bulbasaur plush and TCG card was released in 2017.  

Some of the Best Bulbasaur TCG Cards

Bulbasaur 44 Base Set

Base Set Bulbasaur is an all-time favorite because it was part of the first TCG expansion, Base set, which was released in 1999. Additionally, the artwork is from the infamous Mitsuhiro Arita who capture a perfect moment of a Bulbasaur shooting seeds out of its bulb. The value lies within its nostalgic tie to the beginning of TCG. 
Bulbasaur 1 Shining Legends
Shining Legends Bulbasaur is another top favorite probably due to the artist, Mizue. Mizue specializes in unique Pokémon poses, soft palettes, and adventurous ethereal backgrounds. 
Bulbasaur Gym Challenge
Gym Challenge Bulbasaur is another favorite card. The artwork was created by Ken Sugimori who is the boss of Pokémon art and design. The best part of this card that makes it different from the rest is the trainer, Ericka, being present in the corner. It's a nice added detail that ties to the expansion.
Bulbasaur FireRed & LeafGreen
FireRed & LeafGreen Bulbasaur brings a warming illustration to players. The artwork is done by Atsuko Nishida who depicts this Bulbasaur in a very innocent lens by him reaching out with his hand to get the prized apple.
Bulbasaur Characteristics (Pokémon)
Category Seed
Abilities Overgrow
Height 2'04''
Weight 15.2 lbs.
 Gender Male, Female
  Bulbasaur Stats (Bulbapedia)
HP 45
Attack 49
Defense 49
Special Attack 65
Special Defense 65
Speed 45
Total 318
 Bulbasaur Fighting Demographics (Bulbapedia, Pokémon Game Info)
Best Offense Attack Vine Whip, Power Whip
Best Defense Attack Vine Whip, Sludge
Most Affected By Normal, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Dragon, Dark
Weakness Flying, Fire, Psychic, Ice
Immunity  None
Resistance Fighting, Water, Grass, Electric, Fairy
Bulbasaur Evolution 
Bulbasaur Evolution
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Bulbasaur TCG English Timeline (Bulbapedia)

January 1999 - Base Set

Bulbasaur 44 Common Base set

Bulbasaur 44 Shadowless Base Set

Pokemon TCG Base Set Logo

Bulbasaur (44) - Common




Bulbasaur Shadowless (44) - Common 

February 2000 - Base Set 2

Bulbasaur 67 Base Set 2


Pokemon TCG Base Set 2 Logo



Bulbasaur (67) - Common

Bulbasaur (68) - Common

May 2002 - Legendary Collection Bulbasaur 68 Legendary Collection Pokemon TCG Legendary Collection Logo Bulbasaur (68) - Common
October 2000 - Gym Challenge Bulbasaur 39 Gym Challenge Gym Challenge TCG Logo Erika's Bulbasaur (39) - Uncommon

September 2002 - Expedition Base Set

Pokemon Expedition TCG (94)

Bulbasaur Expedition TCG (95)

Expedition Base Set Logo Pokemon TCG

Bulbasaur (94) - Common




Bulbasaur (95) - Common

March 2004 - Ex Team Magmam VS Team Aqua Bulbasaur 39 TCG EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua Logo Pokemon TCG Bulbasaur (39) - Common
August 2004 - FireREd & LeafGreen

Bulbasaur 54 FireRed & LeafGreen

Bulbasaur 955) FireRed & LeafGreen

EX FireRed & LeafGreen Logo Pokemon TCG

Bulbasaur (54) - Common




Bulbasaur (55) - Common

April 2005 - POP Series 2 Bulbasaur 12 Pop Series 2 TCG POP Series 2 TCG Bulbasaur (12) - Common
August 2006 - EX Crystal Guardians

Bulbasaur 45 Crystal Guardians

Bulbasaur 46 Crystal Guardians

EX Crystal Guardians (TCG)

Bulbasaur (45) - Common





Bulbasaur (46) - Common

November 2007 - Secret Wonders Bulbasaur 77 Secret Wonders Secret Wonders TCG logo Bulbasaur (77) - Common
August 2009 - Supreme Victors Bulbasaur 93 Supreme Victors Supreme Victors TCG Logo Bulbasaur (93) - Common
May 2012 - Dark Explorers Bulbasaur 1 Dark Explorers Dark Exporeres TCG logo Bulbasaur (1) - Common

October 2017 - Shining Legends

February 2021 - McDonald's Collection

Bulbasaur 1 Shining Legends

Shining Legends TCG Logo

Mcdonal's Collection 2021 Logo

Bulbasaur (1) - Common
March 2019 - Detective Pikachu Bulbasaur 1 Detective Pikachu Detective Pikachu TCG Logo Bulbasaur (1) - Holo Common 
November 2016 - November 2021 - SM Black Star Promos Bulbasaur SM198 SM Promos SMBlack Star Promos TCG Logo Bulbasaur (SM198) - Detective Pikachu Promo