GenCon - Day 2

"We cannot direct the wind. But we can adjust the sails."
- Dolly Parton

Day Two of GenCon is in the books. A few learnings:

1) We expected Nemesis Lockdown to be a big hit since it released recently. Instead, the base game of Nemesis sold out. We'll have to bring more tomorrow.
2) People are still hyped for Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy. We're continuing to sell through those. Quick side story: one of the admins from GenCon came by the booth to tell us we couldn't have "visual brown cardboard." Since Eclipse ships in a one-game case pack we left all but a few in the case and stacked the brown boxes on top of our shelves, which accidentally violated GenCon's terms. Easy fix: we removed 10 or so from the boxes for display and hid the rest. And just like that...they started selling FASTER. I think the display was more appealing with units outside the box, and when there are fewer units visible it increases FOMO. Scarcity marketing works.
3) Customers are telling us that we are cheaper than many of the publishers. Example: 3D Catan is less at our booth than at Asmodee direct.
4) We had planned to do some live pack battles for Rip & Ship by Moonshot, but didn't have any interest. We probably could've marketed this better, but it's always a joy to see Lance even if we couldn't open any packs.

After the hall closed we headed back to our Mass Ave store to host a preview event for Game Trayz Labs upcoming game, Forsaken. The folks from the Dicetower came by for a demo.

Travis Chance demonstrating Forsaken to crowd

Day two. In the books. Halfway there.