Transformers TCG: Autobots Starter Set

Transformers TCG: Autobots Starter Set

Wizards of the Coast

The Transformers TCG is a fast-paced trading card game for 2 players. Build a team of Transformers Character Cards and a deck of Battle Cards, and then jump right into battle!

For full gameplay, each player builds a team of Transformers Character Cards (up to 25 stars when stars on Character Cards are added together), and a deck of 40 or more Battle Cards.

Start Your Journey
The Autobots Starter Set is an introduction to the game for two players or can be used by one player as a complete team and deck for advanced play.

Prepare for Battle
Two players can start playing the game by playing with teams of two Character Cards each and splitting or sharing the deck of Battle Cards, -or- one player can use the four Character Cards and 40 Battle Cards for full gameplay.

Roll Out!
The Autobots Starter Set includes four Character Cards not found in the Booster Packs:
  • Optimus Prime // Autobot Leader
  • Bumblebee // Brave Warrior
  • Ironhide // Veteran Autobot
  • Red Alert // Security Chief
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