Charizard EX box

Charizard EX box


Fan the Flames of Battle with Charizard!

Charizard is here to light an inferno as an awe-inspiring Pokémon-EX in the Charizard-EX Box! Unleash the wildfire of this incredible Pokémon as a never-before-seen foil promo card, and then turn up the heat with a fantastic oversize foil promo card. That's not all: expand your collection with the contents of 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs, plus a bonus code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Then get fired up for battle!

The Pokémon TCG: Charizard-EX Box includes:

  • Charizard-EX as a never-before-seen foil promo card
  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A special oversize foil promo card featuring Charizard-EX
  • A bonus online code card for unlocking a Charizard-EX promo card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online!
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