Moonshot Invitational $1K - 9/11 Top 8

We held our tenth event in the Moonshot Invitational $1K Series on 9/11 at our Noblesville Store, and had a great turnout of players coming to participate in the popular Modern Horizons 2 Limited format.

Brian O'Farrell took the top prize for the day, and secured himself an invite to our $10K Championship event in November.  James Moskal was dominant yet again and pulled in the second place finish, extending his overall points lead in the process.

The Top 8 for 9/11's event were as follows:
Place Player
1st Brian O'Farrell
2nd James Moskal
3rd John Qualkenbush
4th Abe Schnake
5th Derrick Hamilton
6th Zachary Laxen
7th James Wager
8th Jimmy Jackson

 Moonshot Invitational $1K Series - 9/11 Players

Moskal's overall points lead was extended as his overall point total jumped to 75 points.  James Wager and Abe Schnake both secured 1-Round buys this week, as they were able to bring their overall points totals over the 50 point threshold. For a full list of the current standings in the Moonshot Invitational Series, along with all players' current point totals, click here.

This coming Saturday's Tournament will be back at our Noblesville location again due to Gen Con, and will be a return to the Modern format. Registrations are now open for all remaining events in the series.  We highly encourage purchasing your entry early, as these events have sold out.  Register today for this Saturday's event!

The Moonshot Invitational Series consists of 17 $1K events from June through October that qualify players for a $10K tournament on November 6th. Full details here.

We hope to see you there!