8/28 Moonshot Invitational $1K - Top 8

The action was hot and heavy this past Saturday as we hosted the latest event in our Moonshot Invitational $1K Series at our Noblesville Store.  This was the eighth $1K Magic: the Gathering tournament in our Moonshot Invitational Series as we close in on the half-way point of the series, and was a return to the always popular Modern Format.

Jonathan Zolot came out on top at Saturday's tournament with his Jeskai Monkeyblade deck.  Charles Eiler snagged a second place finish with his UW Control deck and was able to secure an invite to our Championship $10K in November.  However, in a surprising turn of events and an excellent show of sportsmanship, Jonathan Zolot has graciously passed on his invite to the Championship in November as he has a scheduling conflict and may not be able to make the Tournament.  Because of this, Cody Murray who placed in 3rd with another UW Control deck will be receiving an invite to the Championship in Jonathan's place.  

The Top 8 for Saturday's event were as follows:
Place Player Deck Build
1st Jonathan Zolot Jeskai Monkeyblade
2nd Charles Eiler UW Control
3rd Cody Murray UW Control
4th Evan Wooden 4 Color Elementals
5th Nick Roller Heliod Company
6th Jordan Otero Hammertime
7th Chris Andersen Grinding Breach
8th Lucas Birch Jeskai Murktide

Moonshot Invitational $1K - Saturday, 8/28/21

James Moskal was able to earn his 50th overall point at Saturday's event, keeping him atop the leaderboard and earning him the first 1-Round Bye of the series for the $10K Championship this November.  Andrew Branham and James Wager are tied for second place in the overall standings with 47 points each - will one of them be the second player to earn a 1-Round Bye? For a full list of the current standings in the Moonshot Invitational Series, along with all players' current point totals, click here.

This coming Saturday's Tournament will be back at our Mass Ave location, and will be another Modern format event. Registrations are now open for all remaining events in the series.  We highly encourage purchasing your entry early, as these events have sold out.  Register today for this Saturday's event!

The Moonshot Invitational Series consists of 17 $1K events from June through October that qualify players for a $10K tournament on November 6th. Full details here.

We hope to see you there!