Milotic TCG

Milotic is a Water-Type Pokemon, and is one of the most beautiful Pokemon to exists. Milotic is able to turn aggressive energy into a peaceful energy to help end fights. Milotic evolves from Feebas and does not have any other forms. The first Milotic TCG was released in 2004 (Japanese & English) in the EX Hidden Legends expansions. Since the debut, Milotic has been in 16 English expansions, 18 Japanese expansions, and has 16 Milotic TCG cards (Bulbapedia). 

Milotic Characteristics (Pokemon)

Pokemon Number 350
Category Tender
Abilities Marvel Scale, Competitive
Height 20' 04''
Weight 357.1 lbs.
Gender  Male, Female

Milotic Stats (Bulbapedia) 

HP 95
Attack 60
Defense 79
Special Attack 100
Special Defense 125
Speed 81
Total 540 

Milotic Fighting Demographics (Bulbapedia, Pokemon Game Info)

Best Offense Moves Waterfall, Surf
Best Defense Moves Waterfall, Hyper Beam
Damaged Most By Normal, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Psychic, Dragon, Dark, Fairy
Weakness Grass, Electric
Immunity None
Resistance  Steel, Fire, Water, Ice 

Milotic Evolution 

Milotic Evolution
Milotic TCG English Timeline

June 2004

EX Hidden Legends

Milotic 12 Hidden Legends EX Hidden Legends TCG Logo Milotic (12) - Holo Rare

May 2005 

EX Emerald

Milotic 8 Emerald

Milotic EX 96 Emerald

EX Emerald TCG Logo

Milotic (8) - Holo Rare





Milotic EX (96) - Ultra Rare

May 2005 

EX Emerald

Milotic 8 Emerald

Milotic EX 96 Emerald

EX Emerald TCG Logo

Milotic (8) - Holon Rare




Milotic EX (96) - Ultra Rare

November 2006 

EX Dragon Frontiers

Milotic Delta Species 5 Dragon Frontiers EX Dragon Frontiers TCG Logo Milotic Delta Species (5) - Holo Rare

February 2008 

Great Encounters

Milotic 25 Great Encounters Great Encounters TCG Logo Milotic (25) - Rare
August 2009

Milotic C 35 Supreme Victors

Milotic 70 Supreme Victors

Milotic Shiny SH7 Supreme Victors

Supreme Victors TCG Logo

Milotic C (35) - Rare





Milotic (70) - Uncommon





Milotic Shiny (SH7) - Shiny Holo Rare

August 2012 

Dragons Exalted

Milotic 28 Dragons Exalted Dragons Exalted TCG Logo Milotic (28) - Holo Rare

May 2014


Milotic 23 Flashfire Flashfire TCG Logo Milotic (23) - Holo Rare

February 2015

Primal Clash

Milotic 44 Primal Clash Primal Clash TCG Logo Milotic (44) - Holo Rare

November 2017

Crimson Invasion

Milotic 27 Crimson Invasion Crimson Invasion TCG Logo Milotic (27) - Holo Rare

September 2018 

Dragon Majesty 

Milotic 29 Dragon Majesty Dragon Majesty TCG Logo Milotic (29) - Uncommon

May 2020

Rebel Clash

Milotic V 43 Rebel Clash

Milotic V Full Art 179 Rebel Clash

Rebel Clash TCG Logo

Milotic V (43) - Ultra Rare





Milotic V Full Art (179) - Ultra Rare

August 2020

Darkness Ablaze

Milotic 39 Darkness Ablaze Darkness Ablaze TCG Logo Milotic (39) - Holo Rare

August 2021

Evolving Skies

Milotic 38 Evolving Skies Evolving Skies TCG Logo Milotic (38) - Rare