We're brewing up something special this Halloween...

Join us at Moonshot Games - Mass Ave for a fun filled day/night of Magic.

Jumpstart your day with a 11am Jumpstart event. You get two packs for $20, shuffle and go. 3 Rounds of Swiss. 3-0 gets an automatic invite to the 8pm draft.

At 3pm the mystery begins. Join us for a Two-Headed-Giant Mystery Booster event. $25/person. You get six packs and build two decks playing as teams. 2-3 Rounds of Swiss. X-0 gets you free entry into the 8pm draft.

And to close out Halloween at Moonshot we're hosting an 8pm Ultimate Masters Draft. $50/person. Winner gets the box topper.

But wait...there's more...
Pre-register and get into all three events for only $80.

But wait...there's still more...
We are offering a super spike bonus. Win all three events and get a bonus Double Master VIP pack!

Also, we'll be testing new menu items all day, so there should be plenty of food/drink options available.