Leading up to the release of the hotly-anticipated Double Masters set for Magic: The Gathering, we thought it might be fun to pit some of the spoiled art against one another to see which art reigns supreme in the minds of our Magic community. Each day, a series of matches will appear on our Facebook page. Players will vote on their favorite art in each pairing, and the winning art - the one receiving the most votes - will advance to the next round. Below is the tournament bracket, and a schedule for the tournament. The final showdown will take place on release day - Friday, August 7.

Saturday, August 1: Round 1, Matches 1-8
Sunday, August 2: Round 1, Matches 9-16
Monday, August 3: Round 2, Matches 1-4
Tuesday, August 4: Round 2, Matches 5-8
Wednesday, August 5: Quarterfinals
Thursday, August 6: Semi-Finals
Friday, August 7: Championship Match

Note: You can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to cycle through the matches.