Do you need a dream project printed? We can help!

     Send in your request with files to, and we will print it for you! Or choose from one of our many print-ready files from our online store! We print on-location at our Noblesville store on an SLA printer (specifically this one).

What's an SLA printer?

     There's actually two kinds of 3D printers - FDM and SLA. FDM is a common variety, which creates 3D objects by building layer-upon-layer of molten material from bottom-to-top. Ours, an SLA printer, uses lasers to manipulate liquid resin into a hardened plastic. This method, in comparison to FDM, creates sharper, more image-accurate objects with smoother surfaces - particularly ideal for miniatures.

What do we need to make this happen?

     We'll need an SLA-compatible print file to work from, typically STL, OBJ, AMF, or 3MF. We can print anything we already have a license for, or any unlicensed files. We can attempt to acquire licenses we do not have on a case-by-case basis. Currently we have licenses only with Rocket Pig Games, more to follow.

How long does it take? What does it cost?

     The minimum cost is $4.99, but we may quote higher depending on time to produce and materials. We'll quote the production time and cost in response to the emailed request.