Nostalgic Chocolates (1500 pc puzzle)

Nostalgic Chocolates (1500 pc puzzle)

Schmidt Spiele

How wonderful is this chocolate puzzle? It is truly scrumptious. This 1500 piece puzzle will have you wanting to delve into a real-life chocolate box. Within this puzzle, there are so many fine-looking chocolates and the delicate flowers make this display of sweets absolutely gorgeous. Lovely fine bone china and delicate chocolate wrappers really make this puzzle a special treat. You may choose to do this puzzle with your very own chocolates on the side, perhaps dark chocolate is your passion, or maybe it’s milk, but then again it could be white. The colors of each puzzle piece give a sense of yesteryear and the subtle shades of pinks, creams and browns especially give you a sense of nostalgia. 

  • Ages: 12+

  • 33" x 23.5" 
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