Event - Limbonauts - Moonshot Labs

Event - Limbonauts - Moonshot Labs

Moonshot Games

Limbonauts Episode 4X: A Pit by Any Other Name

Sunday at our Noblesville Labs store for Dungeons & Dragons!

Bring your own character sheet (Level 1-3), or you can build one with our DMs upon arrival. 

Limbonauts is a D&D 5E one-shot series that is made for new comers and experienced players alike. Its a random, crazy adventure perfect for trying out something new without the commitment. 

Entry/Cover - $1.00 Registration Fee

Date: 6/13/2021
Time - 1pm-6pm

  • Masks are required for all participants
  • On-site sign-up is only available if the event is not full
  • This is an un-sanctioned event


                                              ****This Month's Stable*****

Tom: Phil! What in blazes is that?
Phil: It's a hole.
Tom: I can see it's a hole. Why is it here?
Phil: Well holes usually pop up when someone's digging.
Tom: I know what makes holes.
Phil: Then why did you ask?
Tom: ....
Phil: You're wasting time instead of looking at the hole.
Tom: Why would you be looking at a hole?
Phil: Find out what dug it. Are you even listening?

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